Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Route of the Week: Route 39

With a diverse service area roughly the size of Rhode Island, Hillsborough County provides a great mix of urban, suburban and rural destinations for our riders. Think about the destinations that you can see and experience with the HART transportation network!

We're featuring another east-west route this week with The Route 39!
Route 39 operates from the Town 'N Country/ Citrus Park area to Netp@rk Transfer Center via Busch Boulevard.

One of our newer routes, (relatively speaking) the Route 39 was launched in the early part of the new millennium and has grown steadily. Previously operating hourly, weekday only service, The Route 39 has improved to 30 minute frequency Monday-Saturday, with hourly service on Sunday. The Route 39 is currently our 4th highest ridership, with FY2016 year-to-date ridership at 2.9 million trips.

Westbound Route 39 operates from netp@rk Transfer Center
The Route 39 serves 3 transfer centers: Northwest Transfer Center (routes 16,30,34,39,61LX, HARTFlex Town 'N Country, PSTA North County Connector), Yukon Transfer Center (routes 1,9,14,16,39) and netp@rk Transfer center (6,15,32,34,37,39,41,57).

Beginning our trip at netp@rk Transfer Center, the Route 39 serves netp@rk Tampa Bay. At 956,107 sq. ft, it is the largest single office building in Tampa Bay. Netp@rk currently houses 20 tenants in a mix of industries.

Animal lovers and roller coaster aficionados will appreciate the Route 39 connection to Busch Gardens Tampa Bay with a westbound stop at Busch Blvd. at 40th St. and eastbound stop at Busch Blvd and 37th St. The Route 39 operates past park closing time, 7 days a week. 

Hillsborough County middle and high school students are well served on the Route 39 with connections to King and Chamberlain high schools and New Springs and Van Buren middle schools. Even better, Hillsborough County middle and high school students ride HART FREE with school ID or HART-issued Youth ID until June 10th.

Route 39 also serves The Temple Terrace and North Tampa Branch Libraries for those looking for a good book to read while you ride.

Westfield Citrus Park is home to roughly 150 restaurants and stores
Have plans to see the new summer blockbuster? Or, grab a bite to eat? Westfield Citrus Park Mall is home to roughly 150 stores and restaurants. The mall also houses Regal 20 Cinemas, a multi-screen theater complex with concessions.

Our trip on the Route 39 comes to an end at Northwest Transfer Center.

From roller coasters to movie matinees, HART Takes You There.

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