Monday, November 13, 2017

HART Operator Receives High Marks from Industry Awards!

Operator Matute won 3rd Place Operator of the Year at FPTA!
Oscar Matute has been awarded 3rd Place Operator of the Year 2017 by the Florida Public Transportation Association (FPTA)!

A recent recipient of the Million Mile award, Operator Matute has been a HART Operator since September 30, 2002. In that time, he has driven over 1 million miles without an accident, and has received no absence occurrences, miss outs or infractions in more than two years!

We are extremely proud of Operator Matute and congratulate him on this well-deserved recognition.

FPTA is an association that represents all 37 Florida transit agencies, all of varying sizes and modes. The award is based upon quality of service, attendance, and overall work record. HART operators are truly among the best of the best!

Great job, Oscar!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

HART Announces Future Departure of HART CEO Katharine Eagan

HART CEO Katharine Eagan is leaving HART
HART Chief Executive Officer Katharine Eagan will depart the agency after nearly eight years of service, leaving behind a legacy of innovation and a strong foundation for future growth.  

"Katharine Eagan has done an outstanding job running Hillsborough County's transit agency," said HART Board Chair and County Commissioner Lesley "Les" Miller. "We are deeply grateful for her leadership and proud of the many strides we made as an agency during her time as HART CEO. Eagan helped lead a new era for HART which is
cutting edge, fiscally responsible, and customer focused. Efforts that have earned her the respect of many in the Tampa Bay community."

Eagan joined HART as its Chief of Service Development in 2009. During her tenure, from 2010 to 2015, ridership increased over 20% and farebox recovery increased over 25%. 

Since taking the helm as CEO, Eagan has worked with the HART Board of Directors to balance the Authority's budget, improve efficiencies, implement innovative transit solutions, and enhance the overall customer experience. HART has greatly expanded public-private partnerships with entities such as MegaBus, Red Coach, Coast Bike Share, Yellow Cab, and TransDev, and HART is continuing to pursue partnerships that provide travel options beyond traditional buses.

In November 2016, HART partnered with Innovation Place and various sponsors to add four Tesla X model vehicles into the HART HyperLINK program. Donations from these sponsors paid for the entire cost of placing these all-electric vehicles into service in the University Area.  
Recently, HART selected Stantec/Coast Autonomous team to provide Autonomous Mobility Services for the Marion Street Transitway. The Autonomous Shuttle coming to the Marion Street Transitway in early 2018 is funded by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and will be the first implementation in the United States of a driverless transit vehicle on open public streets.    

"The agency's future is bright, its leadership is strong and HART is devoted to delivering best-in-class transit services that connect many communities throughout Hillsborough County," said Eagan. "What HART has been able to achieve in the last three and a half years has been a collective effort reflective of the dedication of the entire HART team."

With a long history of accomplishments and accolades, Ms. Eagan was awarded the Florida Diversity Council's 2016 Powerful and Influential Women award and WTS 2016 Woman of the Year by Women in Transportation Seminar. She was a finalist for the Tampa Bay Business Journals' Businesswoman of the Year award in 2014 and 2016 and the winner in 2016 in the Economic Development category.

Eagan will be taking on a transit leadership role at Port Authority of Allegheny County in Pittsburgh, Pa.

The HART Board will select an interim CEO at the December 4th meeting.

HART and the TECO Line Streetcar System Expands WiFi Connections!

FREE WiFi now available on the TECO Line Streetcar!
For roughly a year, HART riders have been able to check emails, stream music or crush candy on their commute thanks to free WiFi on all fixed-route buses. And now, TECO Line Streetcar passengers will be able to leave their mobile data worries behind with FREE high-speed WiFi, while on board!

In addition to on board buses and streetcars, FREE WiFi has also expanded to HART transit and transfer locations:
  • Marion Transit Center (MTC) - 1211 N. Marion St
  • University Area Transit Center (UATC) - 13110 N. 27th St
  • Netp@rk Transfer Center - 5003 N. 56th St.
  • Northwest Transfer Center 9325 W. Waters Ave  

The process is the same as on a HART bus. To connect to HART WiFi, go to Settings > WiFi. Then, turn on WiFi, if it isn't already turned on. Your device will automatically search for available WiFi networks. Next, tap the name, HART-Patrons-OTC WiFi Network to access the free service. Please be courteous to your neighbors, and wear earbuds when watching videos or listening to music.

WiFi is actually a piece of a bigger puzzle at HART. Ultimately, this roll-out of WiFi technology will be the foundation of the upcoming smart card program, where passengers will be able to use their smart phones and dedicated account based cards to travel not only the HART system, but throughout the Tampa Bay region.

In addition to the Streetcar and HART buses, free WiFi will be installed on HARTFlex and HARTPlus vehicles in the near future as well.

Connect to WiFi in 3 easy steps!
It's another way that HART keeps pace with your busy life. Stay productive on-the-go and let us do the driving! The expansion of WiFi is yet another reason for choosing HART, whether someone is going to work, to school or to the store. 

If you have any questions or comments about our WiFi service, please contact Customer Service at (813) 254-HART (4278).
Wherever you're heading, HART Takes You There.

* Please note that the WiFi signal is shared with other customers, so at busy times, your connection may be slower than normal.