Wednesday, September 27, 2017

HART HyperLINK is Changing!

HART HyperLINK is changing on October 8th!
Changes are coming to HART HyperLINK on October 8th!

Quick refresher. HART HyperLINK started as a pilot program with TransDev, an international transportation operator, in November 2016. Heralded as the nation's 1st "transit-operated rideshare" service, HyperLINK extends the footprint of HART and provides a valuable "First Mile, Last Mile" connection to riders within HyperLINK zones.

HART HyperLINK blurs the line between rideshare and transit, in that customers dial up a ride on the HyperLINK app (via GPS) much like Uber and Lyft. HyperLINK riders also have the added bonus of being able to book a ride by calling 813-298-0455.Another bonus is that HyperLINK is also ADA-accessible, unlike Uber and Lyft.

Currently, HyperLINK connects you to the HART network via designated stops (University Area Transit Center, Westfield Brandon Transfer Center, etc.) for a flat $3.00 fee within the zone. On October 8th, HyperLINK will also add the option of direct trips (see below).

Being a pilot program, we have continuously reviewed rider feedback and are now ready to implement a few changes to the service.

Temple Terrace will now be served by HyperLINK!
The following changes are coming to HyperLINK on October 8th:
  • Carrollwood will no longer be served by HyperLINK, due to low usage.
  • Temple Terrace will now be served by HART HyperLINK. Designated stops include: University Area Transit Center, Temple Terrace City Hall, and others.
  • The HyperLINK fare is changing for all zones. Riders taking HART HyperLINK to designated stops will now only pay $1.00 each way. Those taking HyperLINK to/from ANY point (not connecting to transit) within the zone, will only pay $3.00.

The Brandon and University area HyperLINK zones will not change. However, fares for both zones will reflect the new pricing of $1.00 each way to a designated HART stop; $3.00 each way to ANY point (not a designated stop) within the zone.

The future of transportation just got even better! Download the HART HyperLINK app today!

Monday, September 25, 2017

Mission MAX Bus Stop Bagging: What it Means

Orange bags will inform patrons of service changes to their stop
The HART system will drastically change in less than two weeks!

HART staff Mission MAX training is almost complete, operators have selected their runs, maps and other signage has been finalized, and now bus stop removal and replacement is taking place!

Have you seen an orange bag over your bus stop sign?

This means service will be changing at that location.

Routes serving the stop may be changing, such as that in the photo. Or, HART service may be in the process of being removed from that stop altogether.

All stops with route changes/replacements will have the orange bags removed in the early morning hours of October 8th. Deleted stops will have orange bags on them until the stop is completely removed.

We want to give a quick shout out to our Route Maintenance team! With the majority of the 3500 stops in the HART system affected, they are working tirelessly to make sure our riders are notified well in advance of the launch of Mission MAX on October 8th.

We recently went LIVE on Facebook with a couple members of the Maintenance team to talk more about the bus stops changes.

While the launch of Mission MAX is fast approaching, HART is here to make sure you are prepared with trip planning, finding your stop, and more! Find us on Facebook and Twitter, or contact HART Customer Service at 813-254-4278.

We will also be hosting a Facebook Live Q&A with HART CEO Katharine Eagan on next Monday, October 2nd, at noon.

Visit for more information on Mission MAX, including maps, schedules, etc.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Plan Your Mission MAX Trip In Google Maps!

Pick a date after Oct. 8th for Mission MAX data to show!
  Still confused about what your trip will look like when Mission MAX takes effect on Sunday, October 8th? You can now plan a future trip to see any upcoming changes to your commute!

Here's a quick rundown on how to do this via Google Maps:

Step 1: Enter your origin and final destination as you currently do.

Step 2: Instead of "Leave now," select "Depart at" from the drop down menu.

Step 3: Next, enter a date beyond October 8, 2017.

You will now see an updated map and trip options reflective of Mission MAX.

Top: Current HART commute; Bottom: Mission MAX commute

The image to the right is a comparison showing how commuting options may differ between the current network and Mission MAX.

You can see in this instance, Mission MAX shaves upwards of 14 minutes off trips for those interested in commuting from Westshore to Ybor City.

Simply enter your trip, change the date beyond October 8th, and you are all set!

Hopefully, this helps to clear up any confusion you still might have about what your commute looks like in October. 

For more information on Mission MAX, visit!