Friday, September 12, 2014

HART Board Advances FY2015 Proposed Budget During Public Hearing

Enhancements and a balanced budget were the theme of the first Public Hearing and HART Board of Directors Regular Meeting on the Proposed FY2015 Millage Rate and Annual Budget held September 8. The HART Board of Directors voted to adopt the tentative FY2015 budget, tentative levying of ad valorem taxes, and a tentative millage rate of .5000 for FY2015.

The $83.8 million proposed operating and capital balanced budget is 3.1 percent lower than the current one and includes cost-saving measures that allow the agency to expand service on five bus routes. 
  • The FY2015 budget is based on projected revenue of $65.8 million for operations, which is $2.1 million higher than the current budget.
  • The FY2015 Proposed Operating Budget is $65,813,577, which is $2.1 million higher than the FY2014 Amended Budget and the FY20145 Capital Budget is $18,084, 814, which is $4.7 million less that the FY2014 Amended Budget. 
  • FY2015 Budget goals were established based on the reality of available resources, to provide a stable foundation for HART for five years. These budget documents are available at, under the "Public Meetings" page. 
Primary FY2015 Budget Goals:
  • Maintain current service levels and support continued increases in ridership, while providing enhancements to selected existing services based on Transit Development Plan (TDP).
  • Long-term fiscal sustainability will include a plan to migrate the reliance on Federal funds for operations.
  • Prepare HART for future growth.
  • Focus overall on "forward-thinking" innovative programs; making HART an "employer of choice," and reinvesting new revenues.
In other matters, the Board of Directors also approved all the action items on the agenda, including reaffirming HART vision, mission, core values and goals and the proposed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for FY2015, and keeping the fare structure as Status Quo for FY2015. The FY 2015-2024 Transit Development Plan (TDP), is an annual update submitted by HART to the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT).

During the meeting, Ruthie Reyes Burckard, Interim Chief Operating Officer, updated the board about year-to-date status and various factors impacting Operations Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

In addition, Ms. Reyes briefed the Board of Directors on the results of an on-board survey conducted by Tindale-Oliver and Associates, Inc. (TOS) contracted by HART. Generally, a comprehensive on-board survey is performed every four to six years. The last survey was conducted in April 2009.

Next Regular Board of Directors Meetings 

The HART Regular Board of Directors and 2nd and Final PublicHearing on the proposed FY2015 Millage Rate and Annual Budget will take place Monday, September 22, 2014 at 5:30 p.m. at the HART Ybor Office, 1201. E. 7th Ave., in Tampa.

Closed captioning from the monthly HART Board of Directors meetings will be posted within 5 - 8 business days on the Hillsborough Television (HTV) website.

Click here to view video recordings from recent HART Board/Committee meetings.