Thursday, July 29, 2010

Welcome Aboard!

Today we're launching In Transit, a brand new blog chock full of transit-related issues and discussion focused on the Tampa Bay area.
Over the past few years, as transportation has become a rising concern among folks who live and work here, HART has been working on solutions to help meet the need. From participation in the county's citizen-based Transportation Task Force, to a series of community meetings, an Alternatives Analysis study, a community survey, and countless face-to-face conversations with our customers and county residents, HART is deeply involved in plans for a new way to serve our area's transit needs.

In this blog, we'll talk about things like the Rapid Transit Investment Plan, to help you understand what's in it - and what it all means for you. We'll spotlight current service, show you some new things we've got going on, like HART Flex, and take an in-depth look at other HART projects that will play a vital role in improving our transit system.

We hope that as our conversation continues, you'll learn a lot more about HART and our commitment to making travel in the Tampa Bay area faster, easier and more convenient than ever.

Happy Travels!