Thursday, July 29, 2010

Welcome Aboard!

Today we're launching In Transit, a brand new blog chock full of transit-related issues and discussion focused on the Tampa Bay area.
Over the past few years, as transportation has become a rising concern among folks who live and work here, HART has been working on solutions to help meet the need. From participation in the county's citizen-based Transportation Task Force, to a series of community meetings, an Alternatives Analysis study, a community survey, and countless face-to-face conversations with our customers and county residents, HART is deeply involved in plans for a new way to serve our area's transit needs.

In this blog, we'll talk about things like the Rapid Transit Investment Plan, to help you understand what's in it - and what it all means for you. We'll spotlight current service, show you some new things we've got going on, like HART Flex, and take an in-depth look at other HART projects that will play a vital role in improving our transit system.

We hope that as our conversation continues, you'll learn a lot more about HART and our commitment to making travel in the Tampa Bay area faster, easier and more convenient than ever.

Happy Travels!


  1. Just checking if this is working, is anyone there?

  2. I'd like to welcome HART to the blogosphere. Many of you at HART already know who I am and about my website, but I just want to take a moment to thank HART on their continued outreach to the community through social networking sites and online blogs. I think this is one of many creative ways the HART is able to reach out to more people in the community than ever before, especially in the age of technological innovation.

    To say the least, I am very happy for the many acheivements that HART has made. From its new, expanded bus fleet, to Light Rail and Bus Rapid Transit, to HARTflex, and of course its awards by the Florida Public Transit Association and the North American Public Transit Association. All this and continued ridership increases have put HART on the map of the public transit world.

    I am looking forward to the many things that are to come, including the highly anticipated streetcar extension, MetroRapid, and future route improvements and expansions.

    Best Regards,
    HARTride 2012
    Administrator - Tampa Bay Transit


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