Wednesday, March 9, 2016

HART and TransDev to Partner on Innovative First Mile, Last Mile Solution

The HART Board voted during the March 7th meeting to partner with TransDev, an international transportation company, on a pilot program aimed at providing a solution for what is known in the industry as the "First Mile, Last Mile Problem".

How does a potential rider get to/from the bus stop when a stop is not within reasonable walking distance to one? "First Mile, Last Mile" is an industry-wide barrier to potential riders trying transit for the first time.

Enter the TransDev First Mile, Last Mile pilot program.

Brandon, Carrollwood and University area are pilot areas
Here are the basics. HART and TransDev have identified 3 initial zones: Brandon, Carrollwood and the University Area/North Tampa. The selected areas are under-served areas with a large population, making it a great opportunity to be more relevant to people's lives and hopefully bring more riders into the HART network. TransDev's service will connect users to HART transit hubs within 3 miles of pickup.

TransDev will operate Minivans with roughly 27% of the vans being ADA-accessible.

Here is how it works.

Riders will be able to book their trip via an Apple IOS/Google Android smartphone app or a traditional call center. The app will act similarly to current rideshare apps such as Uber and Lyft, locating you via your phone's GPS.

Riders will be able to choose the next available van or schedule a pickup via advance booking.

The app will be integrated with trip planner technology, and will be able to determine which bus route riders need to connect with and plan their trip, anywhere in the area. The app will provide the pickup that best ensures the customer arrives at the bus stop before the bus departs.

TransDev's drivers will have pre-employment drug screen, background check, driving record/reference check and training in Customer Service, HART rules, etc. Riders will also be able to rate the driver for enhanced transparency.

The "First Mile, Last Mile" solution pilot will be a flat $3 fee, with HART picking up the remaining $7 cost of the up-to 3-mile trip.

The pilot project is expected to launch in summer 2016. Should the pilot be successful, the goal is to expand this pilot to other HART services.


  1. You stated that "TransDev will operate Minivans with roughly 27% of the vans being ADA-accessible." Will drivers be required to undergo ADA training? Will they be required to accept prepaid Harrold trip coupons or will it be necessary to have cash? Which agency is responsible if a rider misses their bus or is not picked up on time?

    1. Yes, drivers will undergo ADA training. They will also undergo background checks, drug screening, driving record, etc. As well as, Customer Service and training on HART policies.

      The trip planner integration (mentioned above) will not be available at launch. However, the expectation is to get the rider to the transit hub, for connection to HART system, in a reasonable amount of time.

    2. Also, HARTPlus coupons will not be accepted. Riders will be able to pay their fare via the smartphone app with a linked credit/debit card. Cash payment will also be accepted. Thanks.

  2. Is the $3 charge applicable to everyone , including 30-day pass holders and people eligible for discount fares?

    1. The $3 fare will apply to all HART riders. Discounted fares and 30-day passes will not factor into this program.


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