Friday, October 21, 2011

HART High Five: Phillip Arriaga

With the weekend coming up, we're in the high five giving mood! Another High Five Friday!

Quick-thinking by HART Operator Phillip Arriaga made him a superstar after a thermal event on his bus Oct. 4. Below are a few of the comments that poured in that same day from his 51X customers:

Michelle Linaki wrote: " ... The driver did what he was supposed to do. He got everyone off the bus first, put out the emergency cones, called in the problem and within 10-15 minutes we got a new bus to finish taking us the rest of the way. Nobody got hurt, we were only a few minutes later than normal. After everything was over, we were able to joke about it. Thank you for having a wonderful bus driver."

Celia Ryan wrote: "The bus driver was fantastic. He responded quickly, confidently and responsibly. A replacement bus arrived 10-15 minutes later. How great is that!"

Diane Rose wrote: "We are always quick to complain when there have been problems on the 51X. But this time, I have nothing but the highest praise for our driver on Tuesday .. he got everyone off and in a safe area, made sure everyone was OK, then he did his job putting out traffic cones, calling for help ... Again he made sure we were OK and made us laugh on the rest of the way home. BIG KUDO's to this driver. We all gave him a huge round of applause as we left the bus."

Louise Garcia wrote: "I would like to commend our driver's ability during the event. He stopped the bus and made sure we exited safely. Fire trucks came shortly thereafter and our driver secured us continuing transportation to our destinations. The secondary bus arrived within a few minutes and we were once again safely on our way. Our driver continued with us on this bus as well. We thank our driver and HART for employing such caring and knowledgeable people."

Operator Arriaga has been with HART since 2008. High Five! 

If you see Operator Arriaga on the 51X, make sure to give him a high five for his exceptional  work!

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