Friday, October 21, 2011

Art in Transit

Mass transit has always been about connecting people to their community.  It's through this basic belief, that mass transit and the arts have always shared commonalities.

We recently stumbled upon a blog with some of the most beautiful buildings in Europe and they're not what you might expect (castles, cathedrals, etc.). The Traveling Canucks blog has Europe's Top 10 Most Fascinating Train Stations.

Unlike America, where the car is king, rail rules the road in Europe. These 10 train stations are great examples of art in transit - beautiful architectural wonders that also double as transit hubs and epicenters of hustle and bustle; interaction.

The Federal Transit Administration understands this connection and encourages the inclusion of art in transit facilities by stating,
"The visual quality of the nation’s mass transit systems has a profound impact on transit patrons and the community at large. Good design and art can improve the appearance and safety of a facility, give vibrancy to its public spaces and make patrons feel welcome.”
HART kept this vision in mind with some of our own HART art:

Whiting Station


Marion Transit Center


Dick Greco Plaza

We have nowhere near the long history of Europe's fine facilities... but we're painting our own masterpiece, with each stroke a step closer.

Have you been to any of the Top 10 European train stations listed on the blog? Are they as amazing as they photograph?

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