Thursday, July 20, 2017

HART FY2018 System Redesign: South Tampa and Westshore

The July 26th Public Hearing is less than a week away! Still unsure how the proposed FY2018 system redesign affects your area? Stick with us as we breakdown the changes for South Tampa and the Westshore area.

If you are not aware, HART is undergoing a major system redesign, in which EVERY route will be affected in some way.

Map of the proposed FY2018 system redesign for South Tampa/Westshore

Summary of Changes:

  • Service Additions: 
    • Route 11: Proposed new service from Downtown to Main St., Spruce St. and International Plaza, with new stops.
    • Route 17: Proposed new service would cover part of Route 19 from Britton Plaza Transfer Center to O’Brien/Idaho.
    • Route 60LX: Proposed all-day service would provide hourly service between Brandon Mall, Downtown Tampa. Tampa International Airport, and Northwest Transfer Center.
    • Route 275LX: Proposed all-day service would provide hourly service between University Area Transit Center, Downtown Tampa, and Tampa International Airport. 
    • Route 360LX: Proposed all-day service would provide hourly connections between Westfield Brandon Mall, Downtown Tampa, Britton Plaza and MacDill Air Force Base. Combined with 60LX service, 30 minute LX service would exist from Westfield Brandon to Downtown Tampa.
  • Route 4:
    • Downtown/South Tampa: Route 4 would be removed and replaced by Route 19, from Marion Transit Center to Britton Plaza Transfer Center.
    • South Tampa: Route 4 would be replaced by new all-day limited express route (360LX), which would operate between Britton Plaza to MacDill AFB. redesigned Route 19 would cover portions of Route 4. 
    • South Tampa would also be served by HARTFlex.
  • Route 7:
    • Would now operate between Downtown and HCC-Dale Mabry campus. Connections from HCC to Citrus Park would be provided on Routes 36 and 39.
    • Hyde Park: Route would shift from Howard/Armenia to North Blvd. via
      Columbus Ave. Route 14 would serve Howard/Armenia to Swann Ave.
    • West Tampa Transfer Center: Route would no longer enter the Transfer Center.
  • Route 14:
    • Route would increase frequency to every 30 minutes on weekdays.
    • Hyde Park: Route would run down Howard/Armenia to Swann Ave. North Blvd. stops would be served by Route 7.
    • Route 30/Kennedy Blvd. would provide access to the Marion Transit Center.
    • Overall: Weekday/Weekend service would operate 6 a.m. - 10 p.m.; Sunday service would be added.
  • Route 15:
    • East Tampa: Eastern end of the route would run from Columbus Dr. north to Netp@rk Transfer Center on 50th St., with new stops. Route would no longer serve Orient Road Jail.
  • Route 17: Route will utilize Manhattan Ave.
  • Route 19:
    • Downtown: Route would shift from Transitway to Florida Ave./Tampa St.
    • Hyde Park: Route would shift slightly from Cleveland to Swann Ave. after serving Tampa General Hospital.
    • South Tampa: The route would end at Britton Plaza Transfer Center.
  • Route(s) 24LX/25LX:
    • Routes would operate with similar schedule with added stops in Downtown Tampa.
  • Route 30:
    • Downtown: Minor route shift from Transitway to Florida Ave./Tampa St. 
    • Airport: Route would run from downtown/Marion Transit Center to Tampa International Airport. New Route 60LX would provide service to the Northwest Transfer Center.
    • Route 32:
      • West Tampa: Route would no longer use the West Tampa Transfer Center. Transfers would take place on Dale Mabry Hwy.
      • Orient Park: Route would no longer shift onto Broadway.
      • Route would be expanded to operate between Netp@rk Transfer Center and Tampa International Airport. Service from Netp@rk Transfer Center to the Mango Walmart would be provided by the new Route 38.
      • Route 36:
        • South Tampa: Route would provide service to Britton Plaza Transfer Center. New all-day 360LX would serve Britton Plaza to MacDill AFB hourly.
      • Route 45:
        • East Tampa/University Area: Route would serve Yukon Transfer center, and run on 15th St. between Linebaugh Ave. and University Area Transit Center.
        • North Tampa: Route would run on Florida Ave., between Waters and Linebaugh.
        • Carrollwood: Route would shift from Himes Ave. to Dale Mabry Hwy.
        • University Area: HyperLINK service available within the zone.
      • HARTFlex South Tampa:
        • HARTFlex South Tampa is being adjusted north to Cypress to cover part of the current Route 10.
      South Tampa and the Westshore area will see the addition of 5 new routes, including new all-day, limited stop connections to Brandon, MacDill AFB, Tampa International Airport, and the University area.

      Weekday frequency would increase to 30 minutes on route 14, and routes 14 and 19 would expand operating hours.

      The remainder of the changes involve routing. Click here for an interactive map, showing proposed routing and stops. Please note schedules provided on the page are for planning purposes only. October 2017 schedules are currently being developed.

      We have tried our best to minimize any coverage loss and to provide alternatives for eliminated service. Should you find yourself in such a situation, a vanpool may make a great option. Visit TBARTA's website for more information.

      Take an online survey regarding the HART system redesign!
      Please also note, these are proposed changes, that must be approved by the HART Board. A Public Hearing will be held at the HART Administrative Office (1201. E. 7th Ave., Tampa, FL, 33605) on July 26th, from 5:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. Public comment will be available at that time.

      In the meantime, visit to see upcoming meetings, take a survey, share comments, and learn more about the HART system redesign process!

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