Wednesday, July 26, 2017

HART is Hitting the Reset Button!

FY18 System Redesign outreach by the numbers!
After an exhaustive outreach schedule of over 40 meetings, we are now to the "finish line" of the public input portion of this process, which began back in March.

The Public Hearing for the HART FY2018 system redesign took place at the HART Administrative Office on July 26th, from 5:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. This was the final opportunity for public comments on the proposal.

HART staff is reviewing comments from the Public Hearing and working on further revisions to the proposal before its final destination.

The HART Board will have the final word on the system redesign proposal at their August 7th meeting. If approved, the proposal would be scheduled for implementation on Sunday, October 8th, 2017.

Public Involvement

79% of respondents wanted more frequent service over better coverage
While the HART Board might have the final say, the public truly shaped the plan.

At the March workshops, we asked riders to choose between better coverage (shorter walk to the bus stop) vs. higher frequency (buses come more often). Overwhelmingly (79%), the public choose higher frequency. We based the current proposal on that principle.

Roughly 80% of HART riders will see improvement in overall travel times:

Higher Frequency
  • MetroRapid - Service increased to every 12 minutes  
  • Route 1 - Weekday service increased to every 15 minutes
  • Route 12 - Weekday service increased to every 15 minutes (FY19)
  • Route 14 - Weekday service increased to every 30 minutes
  • Route 16 - Weekday service increased to every 30 minutes (FY19)
  • Route 34 - Weekday service increased to every 20 minutes (FY19)

Expanded Service
  • MetroRapid - Saturday and Sunday service added
  • Route 9 - Earlier weekend service
  • Route 14 - Sunday service added
  • Route 16 - Sunday service added 
  • Route 32 - Service extended to Tampa International Airport
  • Route 46 - Sunday service added; service extended to Brandon Regional Hospital

New Connections
  • Route 60LX - All-day, hourly, limited stop service between Northwest Transfer Center, Tampa International Airport, Downtown Tampa, and Westfield Brandon
  • Route 275LX - All-day, hourly, limited stop weekday service between UATC, Downtown Tampa, and Tampa International Airport (FY19)
  • Route 360LX - All-day, hourly, limited stop service between Westfield Brandon, Downtown Tampa, Britton Plaza, and MacDill AFB
Route 60LX and 360LX will be "staggered" from Westfield Brandon Mall, providing 30 minute service between Brandon and Downtown Tampa.

Bringing a massive system redesign to the public has not been easy. After countless meetings, and sifting through public comments, we realized there were areas where the proposal fell short.

We've heard you
and now have revisions to our initial system redesign proposal.

 Proposal Revisions
Revisions from the initial FY18 System Redesign Proposal

  • MetroRapid - Route 33 will operate portion of previous MetroRapid service between UATC and the Hidden River / Telecom Park area
  • Route 36 - Route would travel Himes Ave. between Busch Blvd. and MLK Jr. Blvd. and then travel Lois Ave./ Tampa Bay Blvd. to connect to Route 7 at HCC Dale Mabry campus
  • Route 39 - Would only use the 50th St./ Puritan Rd./ Sligh Ave. segment
  • Route 42 - New route would travel Skipper Rd./ Bearss Ave., as well as, take place of Route 45 from Yukon to UATC, via 15th St.
  • Route 45 - Route would end at Yukon with 42 covering Yukon to UATC
Click here to view a map of the initial revisions to the system redesign proposal.
Following feedback at the Public Hearing, we are working on further revisions and will make those public ASAP.

Please note: Due to expected overflow, the August 7th HART Board meeting is being moved to County Center, 601 E Kennedy Blvd, Tampa, FL 33602.

HART hits the “reset” button on our network in October. We hope to see you on board!