Wednesday, June 14, 2017

HART taking System Redesign to the Community

HART is now in the midst of redesigning its transit system in time for FY2018 in October.

Recognizing that a one-size-fits-all approach to transit does not meet every community's needs, HART began working with Hillsborough County residents last year to identify transportation options that are more cost effective and better meet their needs.

Employment centers and commuting patterns have changed quite a bit since the last time a Comprehensive Operations Analysis of HART service was done in 2003. This service redesign takes that into account with new proposed connections, such as Brandon and the University area to WestShore and Tampa International Airport.

In the first phase, we collected community feedback on travel preferences and with this next phase, we are taking the result of those conversations (a redesigned network) to the public.

In the short-term, the service redesign will provide better travel times and more direct service to roughly 80% of current riders.

Long-term, HART is preparing for the future. The proposed network hits the "reset button" on HART service, providing a solid foundation for the future expansion of the HART network, as laid out in our 10-year Transit Development Plan. The proposed redesign provides the right mix of services and connections to get people where they need to go as our communities grow.

Plenty of opportunities to comment on the proposed redesign!

HART is Seeking Input 

HART will be hosting a series of public meetings beginning June 14 for residents and riders to give feedback on the proposed network redesign. HART staff will be on hand to gather feedback and answer any questions. A public hearing will be held on July 26.

Following extensive community outreach throughout June and July, HART staff will present the plan to the HART Board of Directors at the August meeting.

Your ideas are encouraged at any of the following public meeting opportunities.

In addition, you can visit for more information on this important plan, including an interactive map of the proposed network redesign.

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