Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Tale of an Old Farebox

Old streetcar farebox from the 1920s
We recently had an interesting drop-in that felt like it was straight out of the TV show "Pawn Stars". Thanks to Jerry from Lakeland for dropping by the TECO Line Streetcar barn with an interesting artifact - an old streetcar farebox.

Jerry's father originally came across the old farebox at a salvage yard in West Virginia in the early 1960s. While walking through the yard, he stumbled upon an old streetcar laid to rest. He inquired about the farebox and was allowed to take the item with him.

Jerry's mother and father were saving for a house at the time, and used the farebox as a piggy bank of sorts.

The day finally arrived some time in 1966, and the couple were ready to purchase a home. Jerry's father approached the local transit agency about opening the box, and luckily, they had a key! However, while they opened the box for Jerry's father, they would not provide him with the key.

Fast forward 50+ years, and that's how Jerry arrived at our doorstep.

The farebox was created by the Cleveland Farebox Company
With his father looking to downsize, Jerry found himself in possession of the farebox. He stopped by the Streetcar barn to inquire about opening the relic. Unfortunately (fortunately?), our streetcars use slightly more modern (newer than 1920s) fareboxes, and we were unable to assist him.

However, it sure provides a great story.

Just remember, even fareboxes have tales!

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