Tuesday, May 9, 2017

HART Supervisor Rescues Two Officers in Distress

HART Transit Supervisor Timm Martin
From saving a young girl's life, to that of two Tampa Police Department (TPD) Officers', HART employees have recently found themselves in the right situation, and at the right time.

You may remember the HART operator that saved a young girl's life, just a couple months ago. 

On April 26th, Timm Martin, HART Transit Supervisor, found himself in a similar situation, after a Marion Transit Center security officer was assaulted.

Mr. Martin was asked by TPD to follow the suspect until TPD could arrive at the scene.

Tracking the individual to the downtown Greyhound Bus depot, TPD officers attempted to restrain the individual, but were unable to do so. During the ensuing struggle, the suspect then reached for one of the officers' weapons.

Using the training provided to him, Mr. Martin stepped in and subdued the suspect until the officers could get to their feet, possibly preventing a tragedy.

HART applauds him for his outstanding response and incredible act of bravery.

"HART is extremely proud to have employees like Mr. Martin working at our agency that go far beyond the call of duty," said HART Chief Administrative Officer, Kenyatta Lee. "We are happy that he was able to assist the two Tampa police officers in quite the tense situation."

HART will recognize Mr. Martin for his bravery at an upcoming HART Board Meeting.

The Tampa Police Department is also looking to recognize Mr. Martin at an upcoming meeting.

Mr. Martin has been with HART for 6 years.

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  1. A Day late and a Dollar short! According to ABC Action news, first you try to punish the guy and then you try to praise him and collect the credit for it. This man is a HERO saving 2 police officers life


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