Monday, May 1, 2017

The Regional Transit Feasibility Plan Moves to Step Two!

The Regional Transit Feasibility Plan is not just another study!
The Regional Transit Feasibility Plan is underway! Headed by HART, the goal of the plan will identify:
  • Projects that have the greatest potential to be funded (compete for federal grants) and implemented
  • Projects that are the most forward thinking and make the best use of today’s technology
  • Projects that best serve our region today while supporting tomorrow’s growth 

    The Florida Department of Transportation is funding the study, while Hillsborough (HART, Hillsborough County MPO), Pinellas (PSTA, Pinellas County MPO), Pasco (PCPT, Pasco MPO), and the Tampa Bay TMA Leadership Group are stakeholders on the project.  

    Step One was recently completed, identifying the top 5 "most attractive" corridors. An overview (with narration) of the identified corridors can be found here. The Technical Bulletin can be found here.

    Step Two is now underway, focusing on a sensitivity analysis of the five connections to assign transit modes that make the most sense. This effort will continue into the coming months.

    Once transit modes are assigned to the top performing connections, the next steps will focus on evaluating the modes, developing high level cost estimates, determining implementation feasibility, and estimating ridership and mobility.

    Want to be a part of the process? Please fill out this short online survey on your transit preferences!

    For more information on the Regional Transit Feasibility Plan, visit the website: