Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Web Wednesday - There's a Map for That

What could transit look like 25 years from now? New lines in new places? More choices for more people? New types of transit we don't have today?

Would you believe - "there's a map for that"?

Well, there is. HART has created a map of what Hillsborough County's transit system could look like in the year 2035 if the agency's Rapid Transit Investment Plan is implemented. It gives you a look at how we might serve some of the areas that are currently underserved or not served at all, and it shows you how new types of service could be woven into the transit fabric. 

In fact, there's so much service on this map - you almost can't see the map! It's a great way to envision what the future of transit could be.

Click here for the future map, and get and lots of other information about HART's Rapid Transit Investment Plan on our website,

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