Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Web Wednesday - Let's Socialize

You tweet your way through the day. You have tons of Facebook friends. Maybe you even star in your own YouTube videos. Social media is where more and more people are finding friends and getting info - and now your networks can help you connect with HART, too.

Follow us on Twitter
HART's Twitter page has just passed the 300 follower mark, and is still growing. Our tweets run the gamut from detour alerts to sharing some of the crazy ways people get around.  So, if you follow us @GoHART, you'll get some great tidbits of information, updates on projects, service alerts, and even a touch of fun. Check out our Twitter page here:

Be a Facebook Fan
On Facebook, you can join the conversation! Read more updates about service and other great info, leave your comments on the wall, upload photos and more. Plus, let us know if you like what you read. It's like walking into a room full of friends - or maybe like making a busload of new ones! Join the in-crowd at

See What's Happening on YouTube
If a picture's worth a thousand words, then video must be just about priceless. HART's YouTube channel lets us put our plans in motion, so you can see what the future of transit could look like. There are renderings of the new MetroRapid service, a peek at how the Marion Street Tansitway in downtown Tampa could function as a rail line, and a new video that explains why transit is important to our community. Plus, you can check out HART's series of TV commercials (in English and Spanish), and see how we celebrated 30 years of serving our community. Tune in to HART at

Blogging In
Since you're reading this post, you already know about "In Transit," HART's new blog. We're keeping you up-to-date with the latest info straight from the folks in the know at HART. If you haven't subscribed yet, hop aboard! You don't want to miss this train as it leaves the station.

And there's lots more to come. Hang with us on all your social media sites, and keep connected to HART!

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