Wednesday, October 24, 2018

HART Launches New "Safe HART" Campaign

As the HART transit systems evolves, so must our programs to keep safety as our number one priority.  

Recently, HART launched a multi-faceted effort involving operations, safety and security, and our communications departments, emphasizing safety through various communication platforms - what we call SAFE (Stay Accident Free Everywhere).

HART is committed to ensuring the safety of our community and continuing the conversation about safe travel, including the potential dangers associated with entering a bus when the doors are closed.

The safety of our customers, operators and the general public remains HART's top priority and an active focus of our services, programs, and initiatives. Part of our ongoing commitment to safe travel in the region includes providing helpful information to emphasize the importance of safety guidelines.

This new "Safe HART" campaign provides a simple, effective way to communicate an important safety message: Ensuring the safety of the traveling public requires a community effort. HART asks its customers and the community to share the important safety message. 

Follow HART on Facebook, Twitter for rider alerts and service information. Use #SafeHART and share helpful safety information.

Help spread the message so that entering the bus when the doors are closed becomes something that we, as a community, don't ever do.

As we work to achieve our mission of taking people to the places that enhance their lives, we do so fully dedicated to safety. It is among the many areas in which we hold ourselves accountable for setting the highest standards.  

We want your experience with HART to be efficient, friendly, and most importantly, SAFE.

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