Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Change Your Life with Transit in 2018!

Try Transit in 2018!
With the New Year fast approaching, many are looking at doing things differently in 2018. Nationwide, individuals are looking to eat better, reduce stress and save money. Make the most of this goodwill by trying transit in the New Year and get on track to accomplishing all 3 resolutions!
Drum roll please... 

The Top Reasons to Try Transit in 2018

Getting out of the comfort zone of your car may seem daunting and scary, so why not make it a 2018 must-do by adding it to the resolution list? Plus, here are some (good) reasons to try transit in 2018:

1. Save, save, save. A second car in Tampa Bay costs a family on average about $700/month, according to the American Public Transportation Association (APTA). A HART monthly bus pass is $65. That’s $635 in monthly savings! Use APTA’s transit calculator to find out what it costs to drive a personal vehicle versus trying transit.

2. Go green. This is the generation that’s doing it differently! Many residents have made daily changes as part of their personal going green initiative: energy-efficient light bulbs, reusable grocery bags, and low-flow shower heads. Next stop on going green: Ride HART.

Read a book, listen to music, relax and let HART drive!
3. Reduce stress. It’s no secret driving in gridlock traffic is stressful. Kick the car habit, and don’t “stress” about how to get home from work. The Emergency Ride Home program makes it easy to rely on transit by ensuring a ride home in case of an emergency or unplanned situation. Learn more at www.tampabayrideshare.org

4. Reach fitness goals. Regular exercise is a common New Year’s resolution. Taking the bus is an easy way to get in the recommended minimum daily 30 minutes of physical activity, according to the 2005 American Journal of Preventive Medicine. Transit users are 3x more likely than non-transit users to meet that recommendation. Why use a treadmill at a smelly gym when you could be going places instead!

5. Everyone else is doing it. HART riders, who make up the more than 12 million in yearly bus trips, can’t be wrong! They are enjoying more safety, less stress and use technology like OneBusAway Tampa and the Google Trip Planner to help them plan their trips.

6. Bike and ride. Each HART bus accommodates two bikes. By combining buses and bikes, commuters can greatly expand their range of travel.

7. Ride and fly. Frequent air travelers can take advantage of new service to Tampa International Airport! Following the launch of Mission MAX, the newly created Route 60LX provides service between Westfield Brandon and Northwest Transfer Center (with stops in Downtown and the Airport). Route 60LX joins route(s) 30 and 32 with service to the Airport. Workers along this route need only to park at the office and hop aboard the nearest stop. Save considerable cash, compared to even the cheapest Uber/Lyft ride!

8. Again, savings, savings, savings. The Commuter Transit Benefit provides individuals a monthly up-to $260 tax benefit towards using public transportation.

Change your life in 2018, start with HART!

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