Friday, August 25, 2017

What is Mission MAX?

Mission MAX launches October 8, 2017!
Beginning Sunday, October 8, 2017, HART will implement a comprehensive schedule change - Mission MAX.

Through Mission MAX, we are Modernizing the system to deliver more efficient service and higher frequencies on high-demand routes. We are Aligning routes to provide shorter trip times and better connections.  And we strive for eXcellence by designing a network that lays a strong foundation for future expansion.

This redesign of the bus system includes route and schedule modifications based on an extensive period of research, operational considerations, and public input.

How does Mission MAX Modernize the HART network?

The last time HART conducted a system redesign was back in 2003. Hillsborough County and commuting habits have changed quite a bit since then. That's why Mission MAX provides new connections such as all-day service between Brandon (FY18), and the University of South Florida (FY19), to Downtown and Tampa International Airport.

Mission MAX transitions HART to more of a "grid" network, focusing less on transfer centers, and more on direct, at-stop connections. This may mean the rider having to transfer more, however, with routes coming more frequently and schedules better entwined, riders should see overall quicker trips. The final plan means roughly 85% of customers will see service improve!

Mission MAX Aligns routes to operate in a way that makes more sense. No more long, winding, routes, with buses traveling out of direction, or off of main roads. This system redesign is backed by route data analysis, including stop-by-stop ridership data, to maximize HART efficiency.

Mission MAX provides a great foundation for future expansion
Long term, the most important aspect of Mission MAX is that it provides a service network that is sustainable for HART, but also provides a great foundation for expansion in our 10-year Transit Development Plan. Based on current funding projections, we plan to roll out 10 routes operating at 15 minute frequency, or better within roughly 5-6 years. Five of those routes would operate north-south, and five operating east-west.

We are also looking at expanded weekend service on a number of routes, adding and restoring routes, and expanding HART HyperLINK zones, for better connections throughout Hillsborough County.

Mission MAX is just one piece of a plan toward eXcellence, as HART continues to grow and evolve over the next 10 years.

Still have questions about Mission MAX? You can visit the Mission MAX FAQ, or interact with HART on Facebook and Twitter!

HART CEO Katharine Eagan recently went LIVE on Facebook from HART Dispatch to talk Mission MAX!

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  1. They removed the bus stop going uptown, the 5 on McKinley and the 6 by the Perkins. Since they don't want to run it through USF -I'd love to suggest a Fowler bus. They have a bus on all the other major streets. Fowler's even better to run one on, there are business like mine at 4202 E Fowler ave. There is also a mall, a flea market and stores, banks and restaurants how could they go wrong? I've spent decades walking up and down this street wondering why not this street and why did it get left out. When I want to catch a bus out here it's like a desert island since all the buses around USF were removed.


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