Monday, August 14, 2017

Receive HART Detour and Service Alerts with Everbridge!

Sign up for HART service alerts from Everbridge!
You're at the bus stop and OneBusAway Tampa swears your bus just passed your stop.

*Cue anger, frustration, sadness, etc.*

Turns out your bus was on detour due to a water main break a couple blocks away from your stop. Unfortunately, the bus was routed around your stop and now you're late for work.

This situation is a thing of the past with Everbridge!

Everbridge is a rider notification system that allows members of the public to subscribe to alerts for transit routes. These alerts are sent by HART when an issue is impacting a route. Examples of typical usage include service delays due to weather or construction. Everbridge is a completely opt-in system, meaning that you select the notifications that you wish to receive.

Click "Sign up" to register for the service

Getting Started

Simply sign up for an account with your email and log in. Once logged in, click "Sign up" next to "Don't Have an Account". Select the routes that you wish to receive service notifications for and you're done.

Want text notifications? Add you phone number and service provider when registering your account.

Additional Questions?

If you still have questions regarding Everbridge, contact HART on Facebook or Twitter, or call HART Customer Service at 813-254-4278.

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