Friday, November 4, 2016

HART HyperLINK Launches November 14th!

Public Transit: Direct to Your Door

HART is proud to unveil a new first-in-the-nation service that connects riders to our expansive transit system: HyperLINK. The innovative transit solution will extend the footprint of our network direct to your doorstep, delivering rides to and from local bus stops for passengers in select areas (University and Carrollwood areas, with Brandon launching later). HART HyperLINK launches on Monday, November 14th.

HyperLINK helps you eliminate the hassle of unpredictable commutes, providing shorter mobility trips to bus stops that get you where you want to go. This state-funded pilot program means passengers only pay a low fare for each trip.

Access is the Key

Access to public transportation is always a priority at HART. This new first/last mile solution is fully ADA accessible and is designed as a shared-ride service, which reduces transit’s impact on the environment. Based on research, residents who have more accessibility to public transit will take advantage of it.

We have your first and last mile covered with HART HyperLINK!
The door-to-bus smartphone app (also available through call center) makes booking and catching a ride on HyperLINK as easy as possible. Each $3 ride is payable by cash or credit, so you can pay how you want to pay. Near the end of your journey, book a ride home and a driver will meet you at the bus stop.

HART hopes this new feature will make trips more convenient and accessible to residents in select locations. Try HyperLINK on November 14th and share your experience with friends and neighbors.

Expanded Possibilities

  • Tired of paying for parking at work or tired of finding reliable parking near a bus stop? HyperLINK eliminates the unknowns. We want to encourage the use of public transit and eliminate artery-clogging congestion. Find out if HyperLINK can help you.
  • We always encourage walkability—it’s a staple of a livable city—but also understand a three-mile walk to start or end the day can feel overwhelming. HyperLINK is a low-cost option to get you and your neighbors to a local bus stop and back home at the end of your day.
  • Unpredictable weather is a daily reality. See a sudden thunderstorm threatening that walk to the bus stop? HyperLINK is the answer. Dark clouds moving in while your bus approaches your stop? HyperLINK will get you home.


  • Shared rides to local bus stops
  • Low cost: only $3 each way
  • Available for IOS and Android
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Pay with cash or credit
  • No smartphone? No problem! Book a ride by calling 813-298-0455