Friday, November 18, 2016

HART Employees are "Flamingo Flocking" for Charity!

Flamingo Insurance protects against being "Flocked"
Flamingo - it's not just an app! It's also a fundraising effort by HART staff to support the Arthritis Foundation. 

From now, until December 16th, HART employees can pay a fee to send a "flock of flamingos" to a co-workers' area.

Employees who do not want this pink, plastic gift can purchase a flamingo insurance policy that protects their work space throughout the fundraiser. All money collected in this effort will be sent to the Arthritis Foundation Jingle Bell Run 2016, to enable the Arthritis Foundation to help people suffering from arthritis conquer everyday battles through information, resources, access to care, scientific advancements and community connections. 

As a corporate sponsor, HART currently has a team of 51 employees and family members ready to take on the Jingle Bell Run 5K on Saturday, December 17th.

HART employees are having fun and raising funds for the Jingle Bell Run to benefit the Arthritis Foundation.

James Fetzer was recently "Flamingo Flocked"!

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