Friday, June 17, 2016

Take HART to Summer Camp Fun!

Schools are out, the days are long, and the weather is hot! It must be Summer Camp season.

Camps are a great way for children to socialize
From arts and crafts, to water sports, Hillsborough County, City of Tampa and Temple Terrace summer camps provide a variety of entertainment to keep children active throughout the summer!

Summer camps are a great way for children to learn life skills such as, teamwork, resilience, and decision making.

County and City camps are open to youth, with camps segmented by age group. Specialty "themed" camps providing a program revolving around a specific category (i.e. sports) are available.

So, now that you have the camp picked out, what about transportation? That's where we come in!

HART is a great way to chauffeur your child to summer fun! HART serves the majority of camp facilities. Simply use the HART Trip Planner to see if a route serves your child's camp.

So you have a location and a route in mind. What next?

There are a couple ways to get acquainted with the HART system!

In the How to Ride HART video below, we hop on board with a few Jefferson High School students. The video provides an overview from planning your trip, using OneBusAway Tampa for real-time HART information, finding your bus stop, Bikes on Buses program, and more.

HART also provides a Travel Training program. We understand how intimidating using HART for the first time can be. That's why we're here to help! A HART transit professional will provide step-by-step instructions on how use the Transit Guide, reading schedules, etc. As an added bonus, the first trip with the Travel Trainer is FREE. Call 813-384-6307 to schedule a Travel Training. Sessions are available in English and Spanish.

You are all set!

For only $25, Hillsborough County Youth (ages 5-18) receive unlimited rides on HART until August 31 with the HART Summer Blast Pass. That's almost 3 months of rides for less than the cost of a 31-day pass!

From summer jobs, to summer camps, HART Takes You There.

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