Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Catch a Ride to the Airport with HART!

Ride and Fly with Route 30
Route 30 provides service between downtown & TIA!
Making travel plans this holiday season? Here's a thought:  Catch a ride to the airport using HART!

Route 30 provides service between downtown Tampa and Tampa International Airport every 30 minutes weekdays and weekends. View schedule Please note holiday schedules in effect New Year's Day.

At only $2 each way, save enough to cover the holiday gift budget!

Route 30 runs from downtown Tampa along Kennedy Boulevard to Westshore and then to the airport, with many stops along the way. For those who work downtown, or anywhere else near the route, just park at the office and hop aboard at the nearest stop (call the HARTinfo Line at 813-254-HART to find it -- not all stops are published as timepoints).

For travelers who don't live or work close to Route 30, check for other routes that connect to Route 30. Many HART routes serve the Marion Transit Center in downtown and this makes it easy to transfer to Route 30. Just remember to check the schedules of these connecting routes. While many routes have extensive schedules, a few may not operate on weekends or as early or late as departing and arriving flight schedules.

HART buses are designed for the urban traveler, so there are no luggage racks or bins. Customers may hold a piece of luggage in front of their seats. And, always remember to bring the exact amount for bus fare (for return trips, too!), since HART drivers do not carry change.

HART buses drop airport customers right by the door of the Red Baggage Claim area. For the return trip, just follow the signs to Ground Transportation. Keep the HARTinfo Line number handy (813-254-4278) to use in case of any questions.

As with any travel plan, please build in enough time for traffic, lines at the airport, security measures and weather.

Once aboard the bus, HART will take it from there. Just think about all the holiday fun ahead!

Thanks for riding and safe travels!

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  1. if you don't have 2 dollars then ya got to tip


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