Friday, August 5, 2011

I HEART HART: Patrick Murray Saves $400+ a Month with HART

On this edition of I Heart HART, Patrick Murray talks to us about his 30 mile weekday commute with the 20X from Lutz into Downtown.  Patrick works at the County Center and takes advantage of a program from Hillsborough County that provides discounted bus passes to employees.

In the roughly three-minute video, he talks about his initial hesitations with riding the old HARTline, how he came back to HART and how HART changed his mind about public transportation.  We want to thank Patrick for letting us film his HART experience.

For Patrick's fellow 20X riders, he also mentioned how excellent of a driver Pearl Neal was behind the wheel of the 20X.  After seeing the same Operator almost every day over a three month commute, they become a part of your daily life.  Rest assured though 20X riders, Pearl hasn't gone anywhere. Pearl is still behind the wheel, just on another route.

We'll explain why Pearl (and other Operators) move on to other routes in an upcoming blog post.  If you would like to leave some well wishes for her, just leave some comments on the blog, and we'll forward them to her.

Enjoy this month's I Heart HART!

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