Wednesday, August 3, 2011

How does HART impact your business?

Interested in getting the word out about your minority-owned business?

In support of Tampa Bay Minority Enterprise Development (MED) week beginning Aug. 22, HART is looking to recognize an outstanding, Hillsborough County, small, minority business (qualified by the state of Florida).  The showcased business will receive one month of bus advertising and two weeks of television advertising (with HART) on WTVT - FOX 13. Nominations for this recognition are currently being accepted through Aug. 14.

Nominations will be judged based on selection criteria, and more importantly, how a submission demonstrates the value of HART and the individual impact that HART has had on its business. Nominations may be submitted in the form of a narrative, still or video images, or any other creative messaging.

Nominations may be submitted via email at or mailed to HART Marketing Department, 1201 E. Seventh Ave. in Tampa, 33605.  Selection of the showcased business will not be an endorsement by HART.
Deadline to submit a nomination is Aug. 14

MED week began as a way to recognize local minority businesses and to promote economic development and education for minority business owners.

Public transportation has a natural connection to the economy, by providing access to hundreds of thousands of jobs.  Spurring development is also a positive side effect of public transportation.  The TECO Line Streetcar turned a $53 million investment into $1 billion in investment along the line.

HART wants to help spur growth for one outstanding local minority business.

We see small businesses as the backbone of not only our local economy, but national as well.  That's why we want to support a business through this promotion and why we are dedicated to providing opportunities for Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE).  HART has exceeded our DBE goals over the past two years and we are looking to expand the DBE program by creating a separate Minority Business Enterprise program and possibly a Woman Business Enterprise program.

In addition, all businesses -- small or large -- can take advantage of the Commuter Choice Program, a pretax transportation employee benefit that's at no cost to the employer.
For more information on selection criteria and submitting a nomination, visit

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