Monday, February 4, 2019

The TECO Line Streetcar is Now on OneBusAway Tampa!

See where your streetcar is in real-time
OneBusAway Tampa, the innovative app that brings you HART real-time arrival information, is now even better with the addition of service information for the TECO Line Streetcar System!

Streetcar customers can access OneBusAway Tampa via a smartphone app, mobile browser, text, and a touchtone phone. Click here for instructions on how to use OneBusAway Tampa.

To access streetcar information, use the "search" feature and type in 800, the streetcar's route number.

The OneBusAway Tampa app allows streetcar customers to view real-time travel information by stop and also see where the streetcar is on a live map.

Since its launch, the free app has gained in popularity with HART customers accessing the app nearly 225,000 times per month.

Thanks to OneBusAway, riders save time, effort, and stress, with the reassurance of knowing exactly where their HART bus, and now streetcar, is located!

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