Thursday, March 22, 2018

Giving Riders a Voice

Mission MAX launched on October 8, 2017!
By now, you're probably familiar with Mission MAX, a major redesign of the HART service network that began with a relaunch in late 2017.

While the majority of riders experienced improved service, a portion of our riders were negatively impacted by the changes.

Since the Oct. 8 relaunch, HART has been listening and taking action. Patron concerns were concentrated primarily in the Town 'N Country area, University area, Temple Terrace, and South County. While HART currently doesn't have the funding to implement all the requested changes, we are constantly working to address obstacles and provide the most effective and sustainable service as possible.

Shortly after the new system came online, we implemented modifications immediately, such as adding trips on the Route 6 and Route 24LX to reduce overcrowding. We added Tampa General Hospital and Tampa International Airport shuttles, and started analyzing how routes connect at the Airport.

In January, we came across a Letter to the Editor from a local business owner, telling the story of a couple of employees that were consistently late and frustrated, following the launch of Mission MAX.

After seeing the letter, HART COO Ruthie Reyes Burckard reached out to Mr. Krantz.

One employee relied on route(s) 30, 34, and the new 60LX to get to work. The commute was less than ideal.

A month later, HART rolled out a second wave of improvements that went into effect on Feb. 25. Those tweaks included increased frequency on a number of routes, including Route 6 and Route 34, adding trips on Route 24LX, reinstating the southbound Route 19, taking Route 46 off of Oakfield Dr., and more.

We are happy to report that thanks to the creation of Route 35 with 30-minute service and increasing to 15-minute service on the Route 34, his commute has improved significantly!

Feedback is a big part of the service structuring process.

However, the Mission isn't over.

Route 275 alignment proposals
HART staff is currently out in the community gathering feedback on the proposed 275LX. The route has three proposed alignments for consideration, featuring service between Wesley Chapel, the University area, Downtown Tampa, and possibly Tampa International Airport.

The public hearing for the Route 275LX will take place at the New Tampa Regional Library on March 28, from 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

Can't attend the meeting? Email your comments (including alignment selection) to

In the upcoming months, the fifth wave of the HART Voice of the Customer (VOC) survey will take place on board buses, and at transit centers throughout the system. This survey will gauge customer satisfaction in a number of categories. It will be the first VOC since the launch of Mission MAX.

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