Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Let's Have Ourselves a Streetcar Wedding!

Jeff Philbin and his fiance
We received some great tales of love in February. However, this story touched us the most. We would like to congratulate Jeff Philbin and his fiance on being the recipient of a FREE streetcar wedding! Their story and love for each other and our great city ultimately wooed us the most.

 Their story...

"My fiancé and I have would be so humbled and grateful if we were selected for this opportunity. We met here in Tampa and Tampa is our home. When we got engaged, we decided to do something special with our engagement and wanted to show off our love for this city in a unique way as our photos were taken all over the city; from Ulele to the Beck Building to Tampa Theatre to Curtis Hixon to the middle of Ashley Drive, we wanted our love for one another collide with our love for this city and showcase it.

We would extend that same level of concern and attention by having such a unique wedding since it would allow our wedding story to come full circle and celebrate the beauty of even more incredible locations in Tampa, like Ybor City, Florida Aquarium, or Channelside. We recently had a son and needless to say because of the non-traditional milestone path, our families will not support the traditional wedding and we are okay with that because we would love to celebrate our bond, enjoying the city, and celebrate it with an intimate, close group of friends who will share in the splendor of Tampa! I am proud to call Tampa home, and every time I ride the streetcar, I ask people where they are coming from, acting as the unofficial ambassador giving them a tour of the city and it’s rich history along the way. I celebrate them and make them feel home learning their story; who they are, where they’re coming from, and why they’re here. I recommend restaurants and places to go. I appreciate them enjoying the city and in turn investing in us with them being here.

Maybe one day someone can share my fiancé & I’s story of our rich love and tell our story on The TECO Line Streetcar System. Thank you for your consideration."

We look forward to being a part of their big day!

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