Monday, August 29, 2016

Route of the Week: Route 6

With a diverse service area roughly the size of Rhode Island, Hillsborough County provides a great mix of urban, suburban and rural destinations for our riders. Think about the destinations that you can see and experience with the HART transportation network!

Route 6 is this week's Route of the Week!

The Route 6 operates Monday-Sunday between University Area Transit Center (UATC) in the USF area to Marion Transit Center (MTC) in Downtown Tampa. Service operates Weekdays from 4:50 a.m. - 12:20 a.m. and Weekends from 6:15 a.m. - 12:15 a.m. Service operates until midnight 7 days a week!

Route 6 is currently the BUSIEST route in the HART network, with 1,068,892 riders so far in FY16.

The route covers a lot of ground with service to the USF Tampa campus, Temple Terrace, East Tampa, Ybor, and Downtown Tampa. The Route also serves 3 main transfer points (and connection to almost 40 routes) with UATC, MTC, and Netp@rk served by the route.

USF students ride HART free with student ID!
USF students will appreciate bus service to major focal points on and near the Tampa campus:
  • Off-campus student housing located on 42nd St., 46th St., and 50th St.
  • Holly Apartments on campus
  • Marshall Center
  • USF Corbett Soccer Stadium
USF students ride HART FREE with valid student ID!

Route 6 also serves the Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI)! The facility (the largest science center in the Southeast) is an educational resource that is dedicated to advancing public interest, knowledge and understanding of science, industry and technology. The museum has a number of revolving and static exhibits, as well as, a domed IMAX theatre, showing both new and limited release films.

On the southbound end of the route, Route 6 serves:

Great views and atmosphere at Ulele!
  • Water Works Park - Renovated in 2014, the park features a splash zone, dog park, and band shell
  • Ulele - One of Tampa's hottest restaurants, the restaurant features food indigenous to the region's land and water sources
  • Hidden Springs Ale Works - Opened in 2015, the Brewery features over 20 taps of various styles in a minimalist, but warm setting
  • Stetson Law School - Florida's first law school

From Ulele to USF, HART Takes You There.

Route 6 operates between the USF area and Downtown Tampa

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  1. Well congratulation on the number 6 bus for great service.Too bad the number 7 bus can not be like this good service.Number 7 bus never shows up on time and at least once a week never shows up.Always some poor excuse as,whether,traffic.stop at some school and the students delayed him.Always some poor excuse.Thank god there is no Hurricane or Snowstorm.I really believe it is the drivers.BUDMAN


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