Tuesday, December 15, 2015

HART Wants Your Feedback!

HART is looking for feedback on our service.

How can HART improve its services to best meet your travel needs? That's one of questions the agency will be asking random riders starting today. HART wants to know how satisfied its customers are with their bus service.

Beginning Tuesday, December 8, and continuing through next week, an on-board survey team from TransPro Consulting will be traveling the HART system talking with riders once again and asking questions about how they use HART services and its performance. 

Members of the survey team will be identifiable by name badges and will select riders at random. The information collected is the second round of the HART 2015 Customer Service Satisfaction Survey which will be used to better understand its customers' opinions of existing service and areas of priority that need improvement.

"We know that people are busy these days, but we really hope they take the time to talk to the members of the survey team and take the survey," said HART Chief Financial Officer Jeff Seward. "The more input we get from the public on different transit issues, the better job we can do in meeting passenger needs."

The information collected from this second on-board survey will be part of the overall customer service satisfaction data which will be used to inform future planning, communicate more effectively with customers and market HART to infrequent riders. Once complete HART will have a robust voice of customer (VOC) scorecard to continually measure customer satisfaction.