Tuesday, August 13, 2013

OneBusAway Tampa Arriving August 19!

Real-time schedule info on the go!
Starting August 19, the innovative OneBusAway Tampa app from HART puts cool, convenient power at the fingertips of HART bus riders. HART is proud to make Tampa the third city in the nation to adopt this real-time technology, which first debuted in Seattle and New York.
  • The OneBusAway Tampa app provides a suite of tools to deliver real-time bus tracking information to HART riders on the go. Click here for a list of features.
  • The super user-friendly OneBusAway Tampa is easy to navigate, and it seamlessly interfaces with Web-enabled devices such as computers, tablets, and smart phones. This app uses GPS technology to send up-to-the-minute details on bus arrival information.
Available on a number of platfoms
Downloading OneBusAway Tampa will be free, easy, and fast. Just tap the "My Location" icon and a map of the Tampa area appears on the screen, plus graphics that show all the active stops. Then tap on the bus icon and its estimated time of arrival is instantly displayed.

HART is fully committed to providing the best customer experience with the recent implementation of HART MetroRapid North-South and the upcoming roll out of features like OneBusAway Tampa.     

"With an assortment of ways of accessing OneBusAway Tampa, riders will find it extremely convenient and useful," said Philip Hale, HART Chief Executive Officer. That was confirmed by the experience of local resident Dustin Lemke, who has relied on HART for two years to get him around town, volunteered to test the app during HART's pilot program.

"The OneBusAway Tampa app really helps me plan my time more wisely," remarked Lemke. "When you can't see the bus and it's running a few minutes late, you start to think you've missed the bus and then will be late for work and think your whole day is ruined. But this app helps keep me calm and knowledgeable about what's going on!"

HART partnered with the Center for Urban Transportation Research at the University of South Florida, where the software was developed with funding from the National Center for Transit Research. Georgia Tech evaluated the system for HART too, thanks to funding from the National Center for Transportation Systems Productivity and Management.

Visit www.goHART.org this Monday, August 19 for OneBusAway Tampa access/download instructions.