Monday, November 28, 2011

'Tis the Season for Giving

Mateo Baracaldo and his winning entry!
Mateo Baracaldo's ability to fully understand just how fortunate he is at the young age of 6, has garnered him (4) free tickets to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party at Disney World in Orlando, along with some free Disney swag!

HART held a contest throughout November asking those 16 and under a simple question - what are you thankful for? Mateo's essay was picked by HART CEO Philip Hale, out of a number of written entries received by HART and Radio Disney.

While the Disney tickets are great and the swag is cool, this is the season for giving. So another part of Mateo's prize, was the opportunity to pick a deserving family to win a free 32" LCD TV and a $100 grocery gift card, presumably to be used on a Holiday dinner.

Mateo chose Ms. Nidias Burgos, his former Pre-Kindergarten teacher in the Head Start program, which is designed to ensure that every student has an equal chance to succeed in kindergarten. Mateo wrote to us to tell us why he selected Ms. Burgos. 
Mateo's and Ms. Burgos' families together with the gifts.
"I picked Ms. Burgos' family because she's very nice and helpful. She deserves it. Cause she bought my Dad a cake on his birthday and she's a hard worker and helps others. And I love her and she has a beautiful heart. And it's pay back time."
Now, Mateo and his family get to enjoy a magical day with the Mouse in Orlando and Ms. Burgos and her family get to enjoy a nice Holiday classic on their new 32" TV, following a nice dinner!

In life, a little cake goes a long way.

Keep an ear out for Mateo, because he will be on Radio Disney AM 1380's Kid's Concern Show in the coming weeks to discuss his essay and the nominated family.

A nice beginning to a HART-Felt holiday season!

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