Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Senior Prom

Two sets of eyes meet across the dance floor, butterflies take flight in the stomachs of the two individuals as they glide towards one another on the dance floor. In a haze, the pair snap back to reality as they meet in the middle of the dance floor. The couple makes small talk while nervously reaching for their next conversation. Their minds are made, the magic is here. The magic of Senior Prom.

Corsages, boutonnières, bow ties, balloon arches and lots and lots of photos. Sounds like the typical Senior Prom experience, except these Seniors were a little removed from their high school days - 60 years. HART "chaperoned" the "Senior" Prom, held at the Brandon Recreation Center on Friday, May 20, in celebration of Older Americans Month. The couple described above may or may not have been factual. However, one can say that falling in love never changes.

Everyone has different memories of their Senior Prom. Some hated it, while others fell in love and even more didn't attend. However, this Senior Prom provided a second chance to make up for missed opportunities that adolescence might not have made them aware of at the time.

The prom was attended by roughly 125 individuals that ate, danced, and crowned a Prom King and Queen.

HART staff greeted prom goers and chatted with them about HART services such as HARTplus and HART Flex and about our Older Americans 65+ ride free in May promo. Staff even helped pin corsages and were able to get in a little dancing on their own time!

Newlyweds, David and Christina Pittman (pictured), met 1 1/2 years ago at the Brandon Senior Center. The couple was wed last week and at the ages of 80, and 75, felt that their "prayers had been answered".

The Senior Prom was a tremendous event that shows age and growing old isn't a bad thing. People may grow "old," and the characters involved may change, but love never dies. Whether your 17 or 80, the butterflies still float, your ears still ring, your breath grows short and your heart beats fast. Love helps Older Americans stay young.

Check out the HART Facebook for more photos from the event.

For more information on how HART is celebrating Older Americans Month, click here.

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