Monday, May 23, 2011

Going the Distance

Four HART bus operators were recipients at this year's Tampa Area Safety Council's 31st Annual Awards Luncheon, where they were recognized for a combined safe-driving stretch of 7 million miles! This is equivalent to driving to the moon and back 14 times without an accident!

The awards ceremony took place May 19 and the following operators were recognized: Richard Alvarez (2 million miles); Andrew Bell (2 million miles); James Chapman (2 million miles); and Marion "Rocky" Wells (1 million miles).

As part of this remarkable recognition, these operators will now boast a HART patch on their uniforms to distinguish them as a million-mile safe driver.

It takes about 14 years for an operator to achieve 1 million miles of driving without a preventable accident. In 1994, and every year since 1998, several HART drivers have been inducted into this prestigious million-mile club. Eighteen HART operators have qualified for the 2 million-mile club, and one operator has qualified for the 3 million-mile club.

Congratulations to this year's million-mile award recipients! Our riders are our precious cargo, and your safety is our number one goal.

If you happen to see any of these men on the HART system, don't hesitate to congratulate them on this great accomplishment!

HART has more than 400 bus and van operators. Before they get behind the wheel for their first route, HART provides each driver with an extensive training course that covers safety, customer service, ADA and emergency response. To view a video about bus operator training at HART, visit: HART YouTube Channel

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