Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Shelter Me

After a record-setting year in 2010,
HART has plans for even more shelters like this one in 2011
One of the most-asked questions we hear from our customers goes something like this:

"Are you going to put up a shelter at my stop?"

In 2010, that question was answered with a resounding "yes" at 113 stops in the HART system, setting a record for the number of shelters placed in one fiscal year.

This year HART is building on our success with plans for even more shelters, along with other projects that will make using transit service easier, more convenient and safer for everyone.

So far in FY2011, which actually started on October 1, 2010, five new shelters have been completed. Of those, four were placed by Signal Outdoor Advertising, which has partnered with HART to build and maintain a number of new shelters in exchange for the right to sell advertising panels on them. This partnership allows HART to increase the number of shelters in our system at no additional cost, and provides an extra revenue stream for HART.

Projects in progress include 11 shelters scheduled to be finished this month, and another 14 shelter locations undergoing the permitting process with the City of Tampa and Hillsborough County.

In addition to putting in new shelters, our engineering folks are making it easier and safer to get to your bus stop. HART is working on improvements that include 154 landing pads - concrete areas surrounding a bus stop that make it easier to step on and off the bus - on routes 6, 7 and 8, and a new bus bay for buses to pull out of traffic in front of Temple Terrace City Hall.

We're also working closely with the City of Tampa to expand sidewalk projects to help increase connectivity. Two projects that have been tasked to HART’s general engineering consultant are the Broadway corridor from 50th Street to 66th Street on Route 15, and another on Lois Avenue in the Drew Park section of Tampa, from Tampa Bay Blvd to Hillsborough Avenue along Route 7. These projects will not only add connectivity to these corridors but will also improve all of the bus stops in these segments as well.

HART is also involved in a sidewalk project on north Dale Mabry Highway, the road widening effort on US 301 in Riverview, construction on 22nd Street and 40th Street, and the Manhattan Avenue trail project near Interbay Boulevard.

As you can see, the HART engineers are hard at work to make your experience with us the best it can be. Keep an eye out for even more projects in the coming year!

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