Monday, January 30, 2017

Connect to HART with New OneBusAway Tampa Communication Tool!

OneBusAway Tampa reporting tool
New OneBusAway Tampa reporting tool
OneBusAway Tampa, the innovative app that brings you HART real-time arrival information, is now even better with the launch of a new reporting tool!

HART is the first transit agency in Florida to partner directly with SeeClickFix, Inc., a communications platform, which will allow HART riders to stay connected with HART. The OneBusAway Tampa app's latest feature allows riders to report issues, provide suggestions to HART in real time, receive status updates, and monitor the progress and resolutions.

In addition, riders can vote on issues that are important to maintaining our transit system. Behind the scenes, issues and suggestions are automatically assigned to the appropriate department for immediate attention, thus streamlining the customer service process and enabling better statistical reports.  

OneBusAway user just need to tap "Send Feedback"
OneBusAway Tampa users can access the reporting tool by tapping the "Send Feedback" button on the left-hand menu. 
The customer service reporting feature is currently only available on Android devices.

However, o
ur iOS friends were recently shown some love in a recent update
to the iOS platform. The OneBusAway app now allows HART patrons to instantly track buses to see (on a map) exactly how far the bus is from their current location. The OneBusAway Tampa iOS layout has also been greatly improved. 

The Center for Urban Transportation Research at the University of South Florida developed the standardized interface between the OneBusAway and SeeClickFix system as part of a project which aims to improve communication between travelers and public agencies providing transportation services. This work was sponsored by the National Center for Transit Research and Florida Department of Transportation.
Since it was originally launched, the free app has gained in popularity with HART patrons, being accessed closed to 300,000 times per month.
Thanks to OneBusAway, riders save time, effort, and stress, with the reassurance of knowing exactly where their HART bus is! And now, the app connects them directly to HART!

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