Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Route of the Week: Route 30

With a diverse service area roughly the size of Rhode Island, Hillsborough County provides a great mix of urban, suburban and rural destinations for our riders. Think about the destinations that you can see and experience with the HART transportation network!

Route 30 provides service to TIA 7 days a week
This week, we feature Route 30, your link to Tampa International Airport!

Route 30 operates past midnight 7 days a week, with weekday service from 4:30 a.m. - 12:00 a.m. and weekend service from 6:35 a.m. - 12:20 a.m. The Route 30 operates every 30 minutes.

Riders have 3 opportunities to transfer with The Westshore Transfer Center (at Westshore Mall) sandwiched between The Northwest Transfer Center on the western end, and Marion Transit Center on the eastern end. Paid transfers are no longer necessary on HART. An all-day pass makes it simpler as it's only $4.00, the cost of (2) one-way fares.

Route 30 is located on the west end of the red baggage claim
As previously mentioned, Route 30 serves Tampa International Airport (TIA)! Riders can pick up Route 30 along Kennedy Blvd., Whiting Street (connection to TECO Line Streetcar System) and Marion Transit Center. Those arriving at TIA, can pick up Route 30 at the west end of the Red Baggage Claim, near Belt #15. One-way fare is only $2.00, making Route 30 a great option for those wanting to save money for their vacation. The service is also great for those not wanting to leave their car at the airport.

Route 30 also serves both of Tampa's destination malls in International Plaza and Bay Street (Spruce St./Westshore Blvd.) and WestShore Plaza (Westshore Blvd./Gray St. or North B. St.). Combined, the malls offer over 300 retailers and some of Tampa's nicer restaurants.

UT students receive 25% off 31-day passes!
Other highlights along the route include service to the The University of Tampa (multiple stops along Kennedy Blvd.). UT students receive 25% off 31-day passes when purchased on campus. Acclaimed coffeehouse, restaurant, and bookstore, Oxford Exchange, is accessible via The Route 30 stop at Kennedy Blvd. and Hyde Park Ave.

South Howard Ave., or SoHo, known for its cluster of restaurants and nightlife is only a short (under 5 minute) walk from the Route 30.

From TIA to UT, HART Takes You There.

Route 30 operates from The Town 'n Country area to Downtown Tampa

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  1. All are good but what sbout resident of New Tampa Area. ? We await regular bus whole day on bruce b downs up to wesley chepal. If new tampa resident need to go on fowler or down town ,no bus. HArT have two buses in early morning with limited stoppage from country line to downtown which return in the evening only.


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