Monday, April 6, 2015

Touch Tone Phone comes to OneBusAway Tampa!

Two years ago HART launched the revolutionary OneBusAway app that delivers real-time bus arrival information directly to a customer's smart phone, computer, or other Wi-Fi enabled device. Now the system is being further upgraded to include a touch tone feature allowing riders to get real-time information in their preferred way via the app, text or touch tone. 

With the existing SMS text message feature, riders can have OneBusAway information sent directly to their phones by texting HART plus the three or four digit HART bus stop ID number to 41411. If the bus ID number is 4804, for example, the rider would text HART 4804 to 41411. Estimated arrival times for their bus would be sent to them via text within moments.

The new touch tone feature will allow access to OneBusAway from a landline or a basic cell phone that does not have a data plan. That means no data charges or extra fees from phone carriers for texting, and it is an ideal solution for anyone with a visual impairment. Just call 813-452-4OBA (4622).  

As HART Chief Executive Officer Katharine Eagan explains, "This will truly enhance the rider's experience, because they'll have the answers they need right at their fingertips."
The GPS-powered system is accessed more than 200,000 times a month to save riders time, effort, and stress while reassuring them of when their bus will arrive.     

Click here to view the OneBusAway Real-Time Arrival Information flier.    

How to get real-time bus arrival information by phone:
  1. Call 813-452-4OBA (4622) and listen for the options.
  2. To enter a stop number, please press 1 then you will be asked to enter the bus stop ID number, followed by the pound sign.
  3. A voice will state the route number, destination information, and the predicted arrival time at that stop.
The caller can get help locating their stop number, save or bookmark their favorite or most frequently used stops, check their most recent stops, or search for a stop by route number. Or they can simply press "0" to receive help.

Real-time bus arrival information via touch tone is the latest in a long list of innovative, customer-centered technologies HART offers through a commitment to superior customer service.

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  1. Such an innovative new idea! Just another way technology is changing the world.


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