Thursday, May 30, 2013

MetroRapid: Boom or Bust?

With our MetroRapid North-South service only a few days old, local Fox affiliate took to the streets to gauge opinion of the new service with a "boom or bust" feature. Below are a few of the best responses.

"Boom! And it's like a lightning bolt, that fast! - Gabriel King
"It's the boom man, I think it's a good project that the HART line company got going on for the people that's trying to get somewhere faster." - Jyrale Carter
MetroRapid buses feature bus preferential technology

The best part?

They couldn't find anyone for the segment that believed MetroRapid was a bust!

If you're interested in the full article with a few more quotes from MetroRapid riders, check out the link.

MetroRapid North-South is a premier bus service from HART featuring traffic signal priority that extends green lights and shortens red lights when the bus is behind schedule, off-vehicle ticket vending machines, modern stations, and special low-floor buses. The service operates every 15 minutes (30 minutes from UATC to Hidden River Regional Park-N-Ride) Monday - Friday from 5 a.m. - 8 p.m. Try the service for FREE until June 7th, after that the service costs the same as local route service ($2.00 one-way; $4.00 all day). Click here for more information about MetroRapid.

New modern MetroRapid station