Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tired of Gas Prices? SHOW US!

Gas is almost $1 higher a gallon than it was last year.  Are you tired of this rollercoaster ride?  Tired of $80 fillups?  SHOW US and you could receive two 31-day fare cards!  Help HART foil the oil!

We are asking our friends to send photos to of how you feel about high gas prices and what you're doing to combat high gas prices.  Maybe it's a photo of you pulling your hair out (figuratively!) over another $80 fillup, you duking it out with your pump or, simply you on HART or biking to work. The key is to be creative!
You can send multiple photos, but only your best photo will be considered.  HART will take submissions for one month (June 16 - July 15). 

HART staff will select the top two photos.
1st Place:
2 - 31 day HART Fare Cards (valued at $120)
2nd Place:
1 - 31 day HART Fare Card (valued at $60)

Keep the photos clean (oil is a dirty subject), but have fun with it!

The photos will be posted to the HART Facebook beginning July 18.  You can find HART on Facebook by clicking here.  Fare card recipients will be notified via email by July 22.

Foil the oil and start with HART!  One month of unlimited rides on HART for the price of an average weekly fill up.

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