Friday, April 1, 2011

HART is "4 Transit"! R U...?

With rising gas prices, growing smog concerns and heavier congestion on Bay area roadways, the need for public transportation has only become more apparent. Luckily, was launched by the Florida Public Transportation Association (FPTA) to create awareness for Florida public transportation and allow transit supporters' voices to be heard. The "Im 4 Transit" campaign is aimed at recruiting 100,000 pro-transit Floridians.

HART supports this campaign (obviously) and is asking for your support of the campaign by signing up and telling everyone you know about Signing up is easy and when you sign up by June, you are automatically entered to win one of six possible 42" HDTVs.

The most recent winner of the HDTV is actually a HART patron! Maria Melaragno won a 42" HDTV just by saying "Im 4 Transit".
 “Taking the bus to work makes my whole day better. When I drive alone, it’s just me and irritating traffic. When I take the bus, I get to say hello to my neighbors at the bus stop. While riding, I simply relax, read, or chat with my friends on the bus. It’s just a much more pleasant start of the business day.” Maria went on to say that, “Riding the bus saves money, it’s green, and it makes me feel good not to buy so much gasoline”.

Maria showed her support by signing up. Now we're asking you to get on the bus and join!

Want to win a IPad 2? The person with the most referrals to by 6/30/11, wins one. Receive a $25 Publix gift cards just by getting 50 of your friends, families, co-workers, acquaintances, neighbors, bus-mates, etc. to join. Point being, join and invite everyone you know (or don't know) and be entered to win prizes!''

When joining, show your support for HART by selecting "HART" from the drop down menu as the transit agency that you support most!

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