Tuesday, February 8, 2011

HART Keeps Going, and Going, and Going, and...

More service, new buses, and even some new paint
have helped HART reach new heights.
The numbers are in for January, and HART has picked up right where we left off at the end of 2010 - with another ridership record.

January 2011 saw yet another million-plus month for HART, with a total of 1,122,962 rides. That total is also a significant increase year-to-year, up 18.2% over January 2010.

What's fueling this success? HART CEO David Armijo credits a number of factors.

"Essentially, HART has improved the product and service we provide to our customers," Mr. Armijo said. "The growth we're seeing is a positive response from our riders to the changes we've made."

He notes that those changes include major improvements like increasing service hours and adding shelters, along with more subtle changes like re-tooling the fleet.

"There is now one shelter for every seven bus stops, which is about twice as many as before," Mr. Armijo added. "We've added more late night and weekend service, improved service frequency, repainted many buses, and brought brand-new buses into service to make our passengers' onboard experience a pleasant one."

"With a 22% growth in ridership over the last three years, while holding costs down 20%, people in our community are taking notice of the good things happening at HART, and we appreciate the trust they've placed in us by getting onboard in such record numbers."

Those record ridership numbers are only possible through the support of our friends, customers and hard-working employees. Thanks to everyone who helped get 2011 off to such a great start! We're proud to serve the community of Hillsborough County and look forward to working together to build on our success throughout the year.

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