Thursday, November 18, 2010

Need a Ride to the Airport? We're Going Your Way!

If you're making travel plans this holiday season, here's a thought: let us drive you to the airport!

HART's Route 30 provides service between downtown Tampa and Tampa International Airport every 15 minutes from 6 a.m. until 8 p.m. on weekdays, and every 30 minutes on weekends.

And at only $1.75 each way, you could save enough to cover your holiday gift budget!

Ready to give it a try? Here are some tips.

Tip #1 - Use Your Connections
Route 30 runs from downtown Tampa along Kennedy Boulevard to Westshore and then to the airport, with many stops along the way. If you work downtown, or anywhere else near the route, just park at the office and hop aboard at the nearest stop (call the HARTinfo Line at 254-HART to find it - not all stops are published timepoints). If you don't live or work close to Route 30, check to see if you can make a connection - many HART routes serve the Marion Transit Center downtown, so you could easily connect there.

Just remember to check the schedule for your connecting route before you book your return trip. While many routes have extensive schedules, several do not operate on nights and weekends.

From north of the airport, you've got an easy trip. You can park in the Park-n-Ride lot at HART's Northwest Transfer Center at Waters Avenue and Sheldon Road, then hop aboard Route 30!

Tip #2 - Travel Light
HART's buses are designed for the urban traveler, so there are no luggage racks or bins. If you'll be traveling for a week or so, you should have plenty of room for your carry-on bag and another piece of luggage. And always remember to bring your exact fare (for your return trip, too!), since HART drivers do not carry change.

Tip #3 - At the Terminal
If you've always hurried through the airport trying to make your flight, you might have missed the HART bus stop outside the Red Baggage Claim area. We'll drop you off right by the door, where you can head inside and up the escalators to check in. And when you get home, just follow the signs guiding you to Ground Transportation and Local Buses. If you get lost or confused, keep the HARTinfo Line number handy (254-HART, or 4278 if your phone doesn't have letters on the number pad). There are also computer kiosks at the terminal you can use to access HART's website,, if you need a quick info check.

Tip #4 - Be Flexible
As with any travel plan, you should build in a little fudge room. Traffic, lines at the airport, security measures and weather will all factor in your travel time. It's about a 40-minute bus trip from Marion Transit Center at the northeast corner of downtown to the airport - shorter if you get on somewhere in between - so just include that in your schedule.

Tip #5 - Relax
Once you're onboard, we'll take it from there. All you have to think about is the holiday fun you're going to have!

Thanks for riding, and all of us at HART wish you safe travels this holiday season.

For the complete Route 30 schedule, click here.
To download a printable PDF map of Route 30, click here.

For more travel options, check out HART's online trip planner, powered by Google, on the front page of our website at

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